Anonymous:  “Fowls in the Frith”

2.1 "Intentional Fowls & Fallacies"

“Fowles in the Frith” (supplement)

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Anonymous - “Fowles in the Frith” (Waywords)

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Anonymous - “Fowles in the Frith” (members)

Foweles in the frith,
The fisses in the flod,
And I mon waxe wod.
Sulch sorw I walke with
For beste of bon and blod.

“Put another way, the Canon of literature was an historical ‘conspiracy’ to create ideal readers, not about the best writers.


  • Ch1 - Intro
  • Ch2 - The Challenge of the Text
  • Ch3 - A Close Reading
  • Ch4 - Some Ways to Meaning
  • Ch5 - Essence of the Short Poem - Emily Dickinson
  • Ch6 - Medieval Songs and Philosophy
  • Ch7 - A History of Authorship
  • Ch8 - 99% Perspiration
  • **Ch9 - Related Works
  • **Ch10 - Who’s Your Daddy?
  • **Ch11 - Authorship and Ego
  • **Ch12 - Poetry Challenges the Sacred
  • Ch13 - Romantic Ego, Disintegration, and the Book
  • **Ch14 - Authors Absent and Present
  • Ch15 - BeFowling the Canon
  • Ch16 - Reason in the Frith
  • Ch 17 - Outro

**Available to our members on Episode 2+ (the full bonus episode)

Several years ago, I created a series of videos that examined various facets of literary theory. Here is one, a discussion between a student and T.S. Eliot which argues how the New Critics understand the Intentional Fallacy and making meaning from the text. 

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Chapter headings by Natalie Harrison and Sarah Skaleski

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