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“Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye.”

William Gibson, The Miracle Worker

Waywords produces a web of programs and media designed to improve our thinking in democratic action, in critical literacy, in global understanding. We provoke, inspire, and wrestle with the ambiguities and richness of human thinking, from times modern to ancient.

While offering serious educational support for those who want it, Waywords entertains and engages with surprising takes on a wide range of global topics, from Western social trends to modern mythological thinking.


The Waywords podcasts and blog explore the workings of global literatures, language, and mythology through a social-epistemic rhetoric.


Original prose includes short fiction, work from the ImageMaker cosmogony, the Sam & Nadi English learners series, and audio drama.


Programs to support students in lifelong literacy training, Advanced Placement® Literature, IB® Theory of Knowledge, philosophy, and English language learning.

Courses for interested learners are forthcoming.

The WAYWORDS Mission

“Education is Freedom”

writes Paulo Freire in Pedagogy of the Oppressed. But not just any education.

Critical literacy becomes increasingly vital in communities polarized or isolated, globalized or caffeinated. Growing such literacy–and with it, ideals of democracy, inquiry, dialogue, tolerance, and peace–is the mission of Waywords Studio. We read the world to develop our skill with language, our efficacy in engaging it, in writing back to it. Our paths will wander, acts of essai and bricolage, connecting points for discovery. 

Students grow these skills; educators open the ways; litterateurs celebrate them.


Who Is Steve Chisnell?

A Lifetime Educator

who left public school teaching in the United States after 35 years, Steve Chisnell remains an educator, writer, and podcaster, the creator of Waywords Studio. His writing and thinking revolves primarily around the nature of interpretation, pedagogy and epistemology, rhetoric and composition, critical and digital literacies, civic and service education, and an admiration for role play gaming and classic Japanese kaiju.

When not enjoying a hammock or exploring trails in remote spaces, he performs music with the zeal of a solid amateur and schemes fruitfully.


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