Legacy - Season 1

A Memoir of Sorts

Episode 1

I sort through the detritus of my teaching career. I wonder at a message.

Episode 2

The poem “L’art” by Theophile Gautier. In 35 years, what have I forged?

Episode 3

A childhood memory challenges my motives to create.

Episode 4

Visiting some other poets, I find myself distracted.

Episode 5

I close out my career; a lesson in economics.

Episode 6

Summer passes; I reflect on Gautier’s ideas of art.

Episode 7

I resist; the Muse inside the form. I translate part of “Albertus.”

Episode 8

I concede; flawed creators; baser metals.

Episode 9

I remember Ladakh; legacies built upon the past.

Episode 10

Brick against the wall; I leave a degree of comfort.

Episode 11

. . . . ; “The Yellow Spots”


Episode 12

January 2020; A story is tested.

Episode 13

Jen waits; things which comfort.


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Episode 14

I find my way; A sovereign song. (End of Season 1.)


Waypoint: Clarimonde

A reading of Clarimonde befitting the Winter Solstice.

"Art" by Theophile Gautier

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