14 January 2022

Supplemental Episode 5.2 - Pearson’s Archetypes

Carol Pearson’s work following Carl Jung offers us a way to transform our understanding of our own lives, and also how we read the narratives we have so long been taught.

I review her strategies for using the archetypes and review her online assessment tool, the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator.

The 12 Archetypes:

  • Idealist (Innocent)
  • Realist (Orphan)
  • Caregiver (Martyr)
  • Warrior (Warrior)
  • Seeker (Wanderer)
  • Magician (Magician)
  • Lover
  • Revolutionary
  • Creator
  • Ruler
  • Sage
  • Jester

Notes on Pearson by Ingersoll (pdf): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hL9z-dTTZdRyV4Ny3ekcYI2_iU-VpjHq/view?usp=sharing 



00:00     Intro
00:20     Mythology and Archetypes
06:06     Archetypal Narrative Intelligence
13:59     The Pearson Business
18:04     Some Test Results
23:28     Conclusion


Complete Resources:   https://waywordsstudio.com/project/marvell/

Storywell Archetypes and Assessments: https://www.storywell.com/ 

Carol Pearson’s Website: https://www.carolspearson.com/ 


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Chisnell, Steve. “Pearson’s Archetypes” Waywords Studio, 15 Jan. 2022, https://waywordsstudio.com/project/marvell/.

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