12 November 2021

Supplement - False Consciousness: Authoring Good and Evil

A discussion of our urge to simplify our thinking and reading, including its impact of misinterpretation and loss of compassion.


Complete Resources:   https://waywordsstudio.com/project/adichie-tomorrow-is-too-far/


00:00     Intro
00:18     007 and Chinua Achebe
04:46     I Author Me as Good
08:22     Berlin’s False Consciousness
10:22     Character Formulas
12:25     Reading the World
15:01     Take-aways and Looking Forward


Copy of Adichie’s “Tomorrow is Too Far,” the Nov. 19 episode: https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/magazine/tomorrowistoofar


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Chisnell, Steve. “False Consciousness - Authoring Good and Evil.’” Waywords Studio, 12 Nov. 2021, https://waywordsstudio.com/podcasts/waywords_podcast/false-consciousness-good-evil/.

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