4 December 2021


Episode 4+ Bonus - Van Gogh - Immersive Exhibits


Does Immersive Van Gogh enlighten and educate through a new genre of art, or is it a dangerous profit-mongering exploitation which keeps us in ignorance?

How should one understand or read a painting, anyway?

Is this the path for the future and for education?





Complete Resources: https://waywordsstudio.com/project/van-gogh/ 





00:00:00     Intro
00:01:04     Costs, Critics, and Questions
00:06:54     Intentional Objections and Art Displacement
00:12:17     Meaning in the Absence of Paint
00:14:11     *Art Under Capitalism
00:15:59     Immersion and Mental Illness
00:20:31     Ekphrasis: The Response to Art
00:26:52     Reading: Anne Sexton’s “The Starry Night”
00:28:56     Traditional Criticisms in Paint; Meaning in the Non-Verbal
00:38:23     The Olive Trees
00:49:13     The Nature of Ekphrastic Dialogue and Fear
00:54:36     *Van Gogh Transformations
00:57:07     New Genres and Installations
01:02:41     *Kurosawa, Chopin, and Emily
01:06:22     *Some ToK Considerations
01:07:46     Pedagogy and the Sesame Street Effect
01:11:52     *Reading: “Van Gogh in the Olive Garden” by Whiteman
01:14:51     Choosing Response
01:18:06     Outro

*Chapters which are part of Bonus episode only.



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Original music by Randon Myles (https://randonmyles.com/)

Chapter headings by Natalie Harrison and Sarah Skaleski



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is open to be used and adapted for all not-for-profit uses with proper attribution. 



Chisnell, Steve. “Van Gogh: Immersive Exhibits.” Waywords Studio, 4 Dec. 2021, https://waywordsstudio.com/project/van-gogh/ 


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