A Memoir of Sorts

This retired English teacher decides to begin a podcast production studio, but a small retirement gift creates an enigma, one which challenges my idea of creating and composing, of memory and meaning, of what difference anything I do might really make.


A series of mini episodes, part memoir, part supernatural fiction, part literary theory, most surreal.

Most Recent Episodes:

Legacy – Post-Season 1 Announcement

A quick post-season announcement about what is to come.

Legacy – Episode 14

I find my way; A sovereign song. (End of Season 1.)

Waypoint: Theophile Gautier’s “Clarimonde”

A reading of “Clarimonde,” an appropriately creepy story befitting the tradition of Winter Solstice ghost stories. This story in French is titled “La Morte Amoureuse.”

What We’ve Seen

End of Season 1

Legacy will return for Season 2 October 2022. Micro-fiction podcast Scenes and Moments premieres March 2022 in the same RSS feed! Just stay tuned!

Legacy – Episode 10
Legacy – Episode 7

I resist; the Muse inside the form. I translate part of “Albertus.”

Legacy – Episode 10
Legacy – Episode 6

Summer passes; I reflect on Gautier’s ideas of art.

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