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Riga’s Corner

Riga’s Corner

`And so he lowered himself down. What more can I tell you at this point? Do you wonder what he touched there? Do you wish me to describe the bottom of his well? Do you anger that I have kept you waiting so long to know? Seekers of ends are fools. ‘

The Thing in the Garage

The Thing in the Garage

“I think it’s still under there, Fred.”
“Okay, then, you look under your end of the car and I’ll look under my end of the car, and we should see it if it’s still there, okay?”

Accidia – Exordium

Accidia – Exordium

It was a decadent aloneness which she had learned to value, a retreat from the cacophonous work world of the Roosevelt Middle School cafeteria.

Short Story

Story 4

On How Murder is Sometimes Justified


ImageMaker: First Shade

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