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Did they, in some coffee klatch somewhere, meet before marking this pathway to savings, to make a small quiet bet against themselves? Their kitchens were not my kitchens, their maps were not my reality, and they’d be damned if some commenters bombed their social media accounts.

Daemon Maps – An Introduction

We’ll call our exploration one of Daemon Maps, where any superior or superior inspiration guiding or discoverable by us (be it intentional, by D(d)esign, or by Law of Physics) is not necessarily ultimate, but graspable within our single local lifetimes.

Come Back to the Raft, Huck Honey

“One issue with the defense of Twain’s original text is the claim that such an historical center exists and that such grounds are worth preserving.”

Doing Battell

Doing Battell

I suppose accepting the importance of internal conflict is difficult for any American boy. After all, I was taught to be strong. To write “reflectively” about “feelings” was, in 1978, a girlie thing to do.



I position my fourth finger on the high Eb just as my 3rd grade self learned from Ms. Schnute, my piano teacher from the 1970s. The damp dusts of her cramped basement studio pass through me; I hear her voice calling down from the kitchen where she does dishes: “Septuple! Septuple! Four and three!”

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Essai – 

After Michel deMontaigne, to essai is to engage in a prose act of skepticism, an exploration of a topic as perceived or understood by the writer. You might think of it as a “testing,” an experiment in idea-making. Alas, our education system long ago turned this critical verb into a static noun scored by rubrics in red ink for purposes political and often crippling. 

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